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A fully-integrated commercial platform able to develop flexible “go-to-market” strategies based on product characteristics, to maximize the sales efficiency. Our commercial leadership team has accumulated over 100 years of commercial experience from both MNCs and top domestic companies.

The Group’s Commercial Division organization setup is specifically based on our deep understanding of the China market. The Commercial Division not only has marketing and operation that are commonly seen in most organization, but also established specialized departments such as Market Access Department and Logistics Department, to ensure compliance to China’s latest market polices, and efficiently managing logistics and cash flow, respectively. Depending on the product’s characteristic, the group can leverage either the Core Market Department and/or the Board Market Department for a flexible Go-to-Market strategy. Currently the Core Market Department is responsible for sales of the company core products to ensure high sales efficiency, whilst the Board Market Department is responsible for greater reach within China to expand share-of-voice and volume.

Besides Hainan Province, the Group’s products and sales team covers the whole China. Beijing, Guangdong, Fujian, Jiangsu and Jilin are Top 5 regions for sales.