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Mr Kingsley Leung & Mr David Chen

Mr Kingsley Leung & Mr David Chen

Uni-Bio Science Group is a well-established and trusted leader in the large and growing Chinese healthcare market, the world’s second largest healthcare market. Listed in 2001, the company has grown significantly and now, under the stewardship of a highly experienced management team that boasts decades of international pharmaceutical experience and unique Chinese healthcare expertise, is positioned well to benefit from the positive market dynamics of the Chinese healthcare market.

Uni-Bio Science is built upon the vision of addressing the pressing needs in the provision of high-quality Chinese healthcare solutions. China’s well-documented chronic diseases, ageing population and growing population places great strain on our healthcare systems, however Uni-Bio Science has built broad capability to address this challenge both in the breadth of its product portfolio and experienced commercial function.

Our focus is on delivering innovative approaches and products to patients across China. Initially, we will achieve this through our successful biopharma business. We have a growing pipeline of novel treatments and marketed products which demonstrate strong therapeutic advantages for patients in the disease areas most in need of new solutions to growing healthcare problems – endocrinology, ophthalmology and dermatology. Leveraging the launch of our new products and applying our agile approach to partnerships such as in-licensing, we are confident that we can succeed in addressing the pressing needs of the large patient populations who seek new, effective treatments and realising the large commercial opportunity available to us.

We have proactively bolstered our operational capabilities to continue the strong momentum we have achieved: establishing new Medical and Market Access departments; and increasing both our field activities and share of voice.

Uni-Bio Science has established a strong track record in its approach to bolstering its product portfolio through strategic partnerships and in-licensing agreements. We have recently formed a strategic alliance with Heungkong Group, a top 50 PRC private enterprise on exploring promotion opportunities for Uni-Bio product in their healthcare networks as well as other initiatives. The alliance reassured the broad commercial and development expertise that we have nurtured within our organisation, combined with our commitment to operating ethically and responsibly, positions us as the partner of choice of many reputable healthcare companies and beyond. Our innovative business model ensures we will remain competitive and is enabling us to build a portfolio of world-class treatments and healthcare solutions for patients throughout China.

We have invested, and continue to invest, in ensuring we operate supply chains with utmost security and accountability, especially in good compliance to the latest distribution policy of PRC. Our manufacturing facilities throughout China have all been fitted with state-of the-art equipment and are cGMP approved, establishing the Group as the provider of choice in the provision of high-quality products.

With the strong foundation and good track records in the focused therapeutic domain, Uni-Bio will continue to strive to become a leader for chronic diseases management and provide innovative healthcare products and solution to the Nation.