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Ethics and compliance are at the heart of all of our business decisions and actions. Uni-Bio Science Group takes a proactive approach to implement good corporate governance throughout its business operations, thereby ensuring that the stability of the group does not falter.

Recent highlights:


Application and implementation of stringent internal controls and a series of standard operating procedures for budget and project approvals


Investment in new IT system and secure processes to enhance controls and record retention


Appointment of new Company Auditor (Deloitte in July 2014)


New directors appointed to the Board, broadening the depth of experience and diversity of the Board

List of Directors and Their Roles and Functions

-List of Directors and Their Roles and Functions

Constitutional Documents

- Memorandum of Association

Terms of Reference of Board Committees

- Terms of Reference of Audit Committee

- Terms of Reference of Nomination Committee

- Terms of Reference of Remuneration Committee