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Strengthening Uni-Bio’s value chain through multiple partnerships.

Uni-Bio Science proactively assesses opportunities to broaden its product offering through in-licensing innovative treatments from global pharmaceutical partners seeking to leverage our broad development, manufacturing, sales and marketing and infrastructure. Uni-Bio Science evaluates potential candidates that are indicated for diseases prevalent in the Chinese population and are at all stages of development and commercialization, which complement its portfolio.

For more information on our partnering strategy please contact our Head of Business Development via partner@uni-bioscience.com

Uni-Bio Science is the partner of choice in China for global pharmaceutical companies

Uni-Bio Science's partners include:

Chengdu Medlinker Technology Company Limited (Medlink),

On 14th May 2020, Uni-Bio Science Group Limited reached a strategic partnership with Chengdu Medlinker Technology Company Limited (Medlink), to further develop digital marketing channels for the Uni-Bio’s products, and to expand industry value chain downstream to pharmaceutical E-commerce. According to the agreement, both companies will start working on Genetime®, expanding its marketing channel to dermatology related clinical experts, and will collaborate across several verticals, including smart healthcare, disease management, patient and clinical practitioner education, academic marketing, healthcare big data, and drug tracing system, to create an integrated healthcare offering.


To offer more convenient healthcare solution for clinical practitioners and patients, Uni-Bio collaborates with a Switzerland company Ypsomed to develop Uni-Bio products with prefilled injection pen YpsoPen. According to the agreement, the Ypsomed will design YpsoPen for the group’s pipeline products Uni-E4 and Uni-PTH, and Beijing Genetech Pharmaceutical (a wholly owned subsidiary of Uni-Bio) will be responsible for the clinical development afterwards. The collaboration does not only greatly enhance the competitiveness of both products, but also pave a way for both parties to develop additional innovative products based on Ypsomed’s market leading self-care solution platform.


On 15th April 2020, Beijing Genetech Pharmaceutical Company Limited (Beijing BKJ), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Uni-Bio Science Group Limited, formed a strategic partnership with Sinopharm Weiqida Pharmaceutical Company Limited (Sinopharm Weiqida ) and Suzhou Yingli Medical Technology Company Limited (Suzhou Yingli) to improve the industry value chain for the Group product Acarbose (also known as“Boshutai”). According to the agreement, Suzhou Yingli is responsible for the early development of Acarbose active ingredient, Sinopharm Weiqida is responsible for Acarbose API industrialization development, manufacturing and supply, and as a result, Beijing BKJ will have at least 10 years stable supply of Acarbose API for product commercialization.

Loymed Pharma

On 6th Dec 2018, as the holder of the registration certificate of the contract product Pinup®, Uni-Bio granted Loymed Pharma the exclusive agency right, which permits Loymed Pharma to exclusively market, promote, distribute Pinup® in the PRC. Beijing Genetech Pharm will continue to assist Loymed Pharma in advancing the national market access of the product and organizing its related marketing network.

Beijing Baiao Pharmaceutical

On 5th Jun 2018, Beijing Genetech Pharmaceutical Co., Limited (a wholly-owned subsidiary of Uni-Bio Science Group Limited) and Beijing Baiao Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (“Beijing Baiao Pharmaceutical”) entered into a strategic cooperation agreement on the joint development and promotional marketing of Acarbose tablets project. Beijing Baiao Pharmaceutical will invest to acquire interests in Acarbose tablets products and be entitled to future marketing profit. The relevant expenses on project research shall be borne by both parties. Meanwhile, as a marketing authorization holder, the Group shall be responsible for the management of pre-launch declaration and registration and the arrangement of post-launch production and sales, while Beijing Baiao Pharmaceutical shall be responsible for the post-launch promotion of the products in the markets of designated provinces.


On 1st Dec 2016, Beijing Genetech, subsidiary of Uni-Bio Science Group entered into a strategic agreement to co-develop promising oral anti-diabetic drugs (OAD). Acarbose will be the first product developed together, both companies will explore development of another 2 to 3 OAD. Sun-Novo has strong development track record in China with 65 IND approvals, 2 NDA approvals for API, 2 NDA approvals for finished drug.

CR Zizhu

On 27th Jun 2016, sales Partnership with CR Zizhu can potentially access 5 times the number of hospitals in a short period of time. China Resources Zizhu is granted the sole distribution and promotion rights of GeneSoft® and will include the drug within its existing hospital network in Mainland China. Relying on CR Zizhu with strong track records in ophthalmology, this partnership can help Uni-Bio maintain a foothold in the competitive PRC market amid aggressive price reduction pressure.

Jiangsu Hansoh

On 24th Nov 2015, Uni-Bio Science acquired exclusive global rights to manufacture and commercialise. Mitiglinide, a new oral antidiabetic agent, from Jiangsu Hansoh Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. Such could enrich Uni-Bio Science portfolio under strategy for endocrinology.