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PINUP®(Voriconazole Tablets)

A prescription oral drug treating fungal infection.

Fungal infection
Pinup® (voriconazole) takes action through blocking the growth of the cell wall. The fungus will consequently die thereafter.
Pinup® is administered twice daily and is mainly used in immune compromised patients after chemotherapy or organ transplants. Pinup® has a strong competitive profile and was recently reformulated to further improve its shelf-life stability to three years.

Pinup® highlights:

In 2018, Loymed Pharma has been granted exclusive agency right permitting to market, promote and distribute Pinup in the PRC. Leveraging on Loymed Pharma’s experienced sales teams in hematology, Pinup is expected to have impressive sales result.

Widely applicable anti-fungal used in treating infections(especially major pathogenic fungi including candidiasis and aspergillus in China)

Voriconazole demonstrates a superior efficacy profile in relation to other Anti-fungals

PINUP® is 2nd generation anti-fungal drug, and has previously received a Beijing Government grant to acknowledge PINUP® superior quality.

Voriconazole has advantageous against its similar products

- Voriconazole is widely used in China and therefore listed in National Medical Insurance

- Voriconazole inhibits CYP 450-dependent 14α-lanosterol demethylation, an important enzyme for maintenance of a healthy fungi membrane, found commonly in most fungus, including difficult to treat fungus such as candida and aspergillus

- Voriconazole has high bioavailability (96%) through oral administration, meaning less side effect such as renal toxicity