Uni-Bio Science Group is committed to investing in systems and processes to ensure the safety, quality, and reliability of data collection, to ensure that record retention is never compromised, whilst optimising business processes to further accelerate innovation.

Leading IT Governance

The effective use of information technology is now widely accepted as an organisational imperative, especially within the healthcare industry. An important motivation behind this is to improve the effectiveness of our communications at both the internal and external levels. Uni-Bio Science utilises international industry standards and best practices (ITIL & ISO) in accordance with the explicit needs and requirements of its daily operation.

Pro-active governance not only gives clinical operations the tools to maintain their systems at ever-changing high standards, but it also demands that those same executives commit to the use of those practices for the good of the health system. We are focusing on delivering business value with purpose-built virtualisation that enables the best performance, availability, and efficiency from our own infrastructure and applications.

System Integration via Uni-Cloud

Most recently, we have invested in the implementation of Uni-Cloud, our proprietary business cloud landscape which focuses on the drivers of information ownership, communication efficiency & business process transformation with low fault tolerance and high availability. It enables Uni-Bio Science employees to innovate faster and increase productivity at lower costs. Uni-Cloud is a fully integrated and comprehensive cloud platform, built incorporating the latest technology from IBM, Cisco, VMWare, Microsoft, Symantec and Polycom.