At Uni-Bio Science we are passionate about being a good corporate citizen and strive to create long-lasting positive impact on patients, society and the environment.

Corporate Social Responsibility at Uni-Bio Science is focused on putting the needs and concerns of our patients at the centre of our business. We have built our biopharmaceutical business to address some of the most pressing global health concerns. We strive to build strong relationships of trust with all of our stakeholders and to establish a strong chain of accountability to maintain transparent business processes. We endeavour to implement and maintain responsible and ethical business practices throughout our Group at all times and promote good corporate citizenship. Furthermore, we recognise that investing in our employees for now and for the future is key to the sustainability of our business. In conducting our business activities, we refer to internationally recognised guidelines.


Shenzhen Watsin was recognized as the Top Environmentally Friendly Enterprise in 2015.

Shenzhen Watsin's investment in safer and more efficient sewage treatments to improve the energy efficiency of its biofilm processes and technologies was commended through an Honorary Clean Production Enterprises award issued by the government in 2014.

Our Shenzhen office has also implemented "5R"€ principles which align with our vision of sustainable development and adopting green consumption.

They are:

Reduce unnecessary consumption. Avoid buying unnecessary or excessive goods

Choose products that are natural or made from recycled materials

Consider ways in which to repurpose products

Choose products that can be recycled

Choose reusable designs, reduce usage of disposable products


‘Uni-Bio Science Group was proud to come second in the Healthy Orienteering Challenge to celebrate World Diabetes Day and support those living with diabetes’