A prescription oral drug for the treatment of Type 2 diabetes

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Mitiglinide is a new, potentially best-in-class oral anti-diabetic agent which belongs to the glinides class of blood glucose lowering compounds. It has been shown to improve postprandial hyperglycemia in patients with Type 2 diabetes and has received New Drug Approval as a first and/or second line of treatment for the disease from the China Food and Drug Administration.

Mitiglinide highlights :


Mitiglinide is potentially best-in-class with key clinical advantages


In clinical studies, Mitiglinide demonstrated a fast onset of action and was shown to be safe and effective with reduced gastrointestinal and cardiovascular side effects compared to other treatments in the same class


Mitiglinide is an insulinotropic agent that plays a major role in Type 2 Diabetes treatment

Mitiglinide is potentially best-in-class with key clinical advantages.


Mitiglinide softens existing drawbacks of other glinides

Stronger affinity for SUR1 in pancreatic B-cells

Less GI and cardiovascular side effects

Mitiglinide strengthens existing advantages of glinides

Improve dyslipidemia condition

Lower risk of post prandial hypoglycaemia (suitable for eldery)


Mitiglinide as an insulinotropic agent plays a major role in current T2D treatment.