Strengthening and diversifying our portfolio through multiple partnerships.

Uni-Bio Science proactively assesses opportunities to broaden its product offering through in-licensing innovative treatments from global pharmaceutical partners seeking to leverage our broad development, manufacturing, sales and marketing and infrastructure. Uni-Bio Science evaluates potential candidates that are indicated for diseases prevalent in the Chinese population and are at all stages of development and commercialisation, which complement its portfolio.

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Uni-Bio Science is the partner of choice in China for global pharmaceutical companies

Uni-Bio Science's partners include :

Business partnership

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Sales Partnership with CR Zizhu can potentially access 5 times the number of hospitals in a short period of time. China Resources Zizhu is granted the sole distribution and promotion rights of GeneSoft® and will include the drug within its existing hospital network in Mainland China. Relying on CR Zizhu’s strong track records in ophthalmology, this partnership can help Uni-Bio maintain a foothold in the competitive PRC market amid aggressive price reduction pressure.


Extension of R&D capability into small molecule drugs. On December 1st, 2016, Beijing Genetech, subsidiary of Uni-Bio Science Group entered into a strategic agreement to co-develop promising oral anti-diabetic drugs (OAD). Acarbose will be the first product developed together, both companies will explore development of another 2 to 3 OAD. Sun-Novo has strong development track record in China with 65 IND approvals, 2 NDA approvals for API, 2 NDA approvals for finished drug.

Assets Partnership


Strategic Alliance with LUQA in Co-promoting Drugs and Medical Devices for Dermatology. Uni-Bio Science and LUQA Pharmaceuticals will conduct co-promotion of selected dermatology products from both company’s current and future portfolio. One of the products is Stratederm™, a non-sticky, transparent silicone gel formulation for the treatment of scars.

In November 2015, Uni-Bio Science acquired exclusive global rights to manufacture and commercialise Mitiglinide, a new oral antidiabetic agent, from Jiangsu Hansoh Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.