Bringing truly innovative treatments and healthcare solutions

Uni-Bio Science Group aspires to be the leading provider of innovative treatments and solutions for diabetes management and related complications in China, operating above and beyond international standards.

We want to be recognised as the leading partner for global healthcare companies to bring truly innovative treatments and healthcare solutions to patients in China.

Increasing value for our shareholders and society

Uni-Bio Science Group is dedicated to delivering innovative, high-quality healthcare solutions for patients throughout China, operating responsibly and generating increasing value for our shareholders and society.

Founded upon our desire to Lead Genuine Innovation

Our efforts to succeed as a leading healthcare company focus on the delivery of truly innovative, high-quality solutions to address the pressing healthcare problems faced by patients in China.

We assess the value of new treatments and healthcare solutions on their potential to truly disrupt treatment paradigms and offer genuine innovation to patients and the healthcare community. We are recognised as a trusted provider of healthcare, committed to building a business that promotes integrity and transparency throughout our organisation.

Our value lies in our commitment to build a business that positively impacts our customers at all times, at every touch point of our value chain.